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VOIP Services

Line Rental £6 per month

Free line rental for the first month

Make free VOIP to VOIP calls

UK Land Calls just 1.25 pence per minute

Phone includes 01/02/03/08 numbers

Easy to install Supported by www.theonepoint.co.uk


Hylas 1 Satellite - Satellite BroadbandVOIP Services

SkypeHughes 9200 Satellite Dish

Satellite Broadband

Wizard Wi-Fi Solutions Ltd have been supplying, installing and supporting Satellite Broadband for over 5 years in the UK and Europe.

Advantages of Internet via Satellite Broadband

Wizard Wi-Fi Solutions Ltd offer a wide coverage of Satellite Broadband Services which can be used almost anywhere.

Our services can be used when ADSL telephone lines are not available, therefore the User will never have to worry about high call charges from extended use.

We support iPlayer/You Tube and the User can have a static IP address.

A fast, 2-way connection with speeds up to 10 Mbps 2-way technology gives the User a faster connection and transfer speeds both up and down stream.

No dialling and no waiting to connect. Our Service is available instantly.

Unlimited connectivity used as often as the User wants.

Installed by our Engineers at www.primarytec.co.uk

We also install and support Wi Fi Networks and VOIP phone Systems.

Coverage Area Map

To view the coverage area for Broadband via Satellite Click below ›››

Hylas 1 coverage area for Broadband via Satellite

Larger Version Click the Map


Hylas 1 Satellite Orbit is located at 33.5 Degrees West approximately 36,000 kilometres above the Equator.

A roundtrip time to Hylas 1 Satellite for data needs about 250 msec, the 2-way protocol latency is about 600msec including Hughes 9200 modem router System latency.

To mitigate latency, which would impact on TCP throughput and web browsing speeds. Performance Enhancing Proxy (PEP) and Web acceleration are integrated into the Hughes modem.



Talk to users online anywhere in the world.
By utilising the latest technology our solutions provide reliability 99.5%.







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